No sound on Backtrack5R2 GNOME 64bit: How to fix it

Posted: June 23, 2012 in Backtrack, Linux, Ubuntu
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I’ve been searching the net to find the solution for my problem :
I’ve installed Backtrack5R2 on my HP ProBook 5220m, and my HP ProBook didn’t have a sound ever since (it has a sound when I have Ubuntu 12.04 on it)
And all the blog I found seems to copy each other article that suggest me to put /usr/bin/pulseaudio on my startup application launcher, but no … it didn’t work for me.

This morning I wake up with this thought: not so long a go if my Slackware machine didn’t have a sound, I simply fireup alsamixer on the console and enable it from there, rise the volume and it will work like charm … so why not try that?

So couple of minutes ago, when I have time to access my HP ProBook 5220m with Backtrack5R2, I open terminal console:

sudo su

and type:


and to my surprise: THE SPEAKER BAR IS MUTE!  (it has MM (mute) below it), so I simply press M on Speaker bar and then: I GOT MY SOUND BACK ;)

After that all I did is save the alsamixer config with:

alsactl store

Hope this helps other who was tired reading /usr/bin/pulseaudio out there but still doesn’t have their sound back ;)


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