GingerReal 1.4.0 reboot when installed an apk: How to Fix it

Posted: December 26, 2011 in Android
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Recently I’ve installed a new version of GingerReal (1.4.0) only to find that my Galaxy Ace always reboot when I tried to install certain (if not all) application.

Here’s how to fix it :

1. Reboot into ClockWorkMod Recovery
When Galaxy Ace is off, Press and Hold Home button while pressing Power button, this will bring Galaxy Ace to Recovery Mode (ClockWorkMod Recovery Mode)
or you can tap on a CWM icon and choose “Reboot into ClockWorkMod Recovery”

2. Choose wipe data/factory reset (with Volume Down button) and press Home button

3. Choose wipe cache partition and press Home button

4. Choose reboot system now and press Home button

Note : this will (only) wipe the data and cache on your Galaxy Ace (all data in sdcard will be safe)


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