not the most user-friendly and picky ^^

Posted: February 2, 2008 in Linux, Slackware
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Find this when searching for Japanese’s font solution on BackTrack :

Slackware is not the most user-friendly of distros; or rather, as the Unix joke goes, it’s picky about who its friends are. On the other hand, it has distinct advantages in terms of flexibility, simplicity and a charming literalness of mind. It does not, however, speak many languages ‘out of the box’.

true … ^^

  1. hyorinmaru says:

    Hahaha… Lucu.. dan.. saya setuju :mrgreen:
    Saya copy n link untuk quotes ya?
    Salam kenal :-)

  2. cat says:

    march 8th ’08 – 00:38 (mdo time)
    this is not related to the entry… but…

    happy birthday bug.


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